Art Installation as part of of ARPIA Art in the Landscape Programme, Herzele, Belgium, 2016

Cultural remnant consisted of a steel framework clad with wet unbaked brickwork placed within the fields of Herzele, an area known for its brick-making past. The bricks in this installation were not plain bricks: they were made up of 60% red clay, 35% topsoil and 5% native wildflower seeds. This mixture created a type of growing brick. The steel framework was clad with these bricks to create a chimney like structure referencing the chimneys of the area’s long-lost kilns. This structure interacted with the climatic conditions, allowing the bricks to sprout which in turn re-shaped the man-made structure into a Landscape - a Cultural Remnant.

With this installation Studio Bloem aimed to highlight how our Landscapes are formed. None of the Landscapes we see around us are truly natural (e.g. untouched by human activity) or completely man-made. Both natural processes and human activity have shaped the Landscapes we live in. With Cultural Remnant Studio Bloem collaborated with nature to create a new piece of Landscape. Due to its landscape character the installation will continue to change shape and grow just like the Landscapes that surround us.

The bricks for the sculpture were created with the local community during a workshop at the Wattenfabriek and 2 brick making sessions at the local primary school.


This project was delivered with support by Atelier Vierkant.