A Celebration of the Devonian Landscape through the process of making wine, Devon, UK, 2019-ongoing

Devonian Inebriation is an art/research project utilising plants found in the Devon Landscape to make wines. These intoxicating blends aim to create  a new way through which to explore the Devon Landscape. The project hopes to paint a picture of the diverse landscapes within Devon by using taste and smells of the plants within them. We are hoping to host wine tasting events to allow people to encounter the hidden tastes of Devon

This project will need to run for several years to perfect the various recipes and will need to follow the seasons as each season will bring its own produce. Currently we are experimenting with:

  • Primroses

  • cherry blossoms

  • Sweet Cicely

  • Mint

  • Dandelions

  • Gorse

  • Strawberry

The Label design takes its cues from old Gin labels and displays some of the botanicals used within the wine itself. All bottles are glass and can be re-used.

Currently successfully bottled wines include:

  • Spring Bubbles - A scintillating mix of Primroses and Cherry Blossoms