Private Garden, Belaar, Belgium, 2015

The foody paradise is a private garden full of delights. Every plant in the garden is edible or bears edible fruit with the exception of a few grasses that give structure to the garden. The plants list is based on the garden owner’s favourite plants with some special additions.

The garden is divided into three parts, each with their own character and function:

  • Next to the house is the vegetable garden. The vegetable garden is designed as planted steps with the bottom step acting as SUDS and planted with edible marshland plants.

  • The middle part of the garden is arranged as a play and relax garden. its edges are lined with wavy plant beds planted with mainly edible perennials and shrubs providing tasty surprises. Some stacked timber sleepers and logs on the edges of the plant beds provide informal play elements.

  • The garden ends with a woodland garden. Most of the trees and shrubs planted in this area bare edible fruits. The herb layer consists of edible shade-loving plants or plants that bear fruits.