Selected Entry Chaumont-sur-Loire Garden Festival 2011, France, 2011

This project aimed to tell the story of the seas, a story which might be lost for future generations. The seas form an essential element of life on earth. They produce the majority of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and they house millions of species, many of which we count as part of our food supply.

Today they are also under major threat by over-fishing, climate change, acidification and pollution. As most of this wonderful world is hidden under water we don't realise the impact of our actions and what we are about to lose if we don't change our behaviour.

This project aimed to celebrate the diversity in this hidden world and the relationships it has with the dry land. The garden design represented four habitats, which are all dependant on the seas for their survival, in order to highlight the importance of the seas in the chain of life. The four represented habitats are the Sea, the Salt marsh, the Dunes and the Hinterland.