Plant research and art project exploring the use of unusual crops and their uses, Devon, UK, 2019-ongoing

Late winter-early spring 2019 Studio Bloem started a new research project, ‘The Perennial Kitchen. This project explores the use of perennial plants, shrubs and trees in the creation of food and drink.


Perennials, shrubs and trees have the advantage over traditional food crops as they reduce disturbance to the soil. Further benefits include:

  • They are less likely to suffer of diseases and pests,

  • Often are better for wildlife as many of them are native and often support pollinators,

  • Require less nutrient input, and

  • Overall they require less work as there is no need to sow them each year.

The Perennial Kitchen will not only explore what unusual crops are out there and how to grow them, but also what to do with them. The Perennial Kitchen will share its findings through art, growing, food and drink related projects and events.

Current Projects include: