Poster series depicting plants used in modern medicine, Devon, UK, 2019

'Unsung heroes' is a series of posters depicting plants used in modern medicine. The chosen plants are all well known however their use in medicine is a lesser known fact, hence the title 'Unsung Heroes'. The series aims to highlight how intertwined and dependant our lives are with the natural world and hopes to encourage a more respectful relationship with the natural world.

The graphic style of the posters is reminiscent of the war posters produced during the 1st and 2nd world war.

The series depicts the following Plants:

  • Digitalis purpurea - Compounds found in within the common foxglove are used in medication to treat heart arrythmia

  • Salix viminalis - Willow chemical compounds formed the precursor to the modern day aspirin

  • Narcissus - Compounds found in daffodils are used to create medication for Alzheimer and other memory impairments

  • Taxus baccata - Compounds found within the needles of the European yew are used to create chemotherapy medication to treat various types of cancer

  • Convallaria Majalis - Compounds found  within the Lily of the valley are used to treat heart conditions and various types of cancer


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